Pedal to the Metal

Yes, you are probably thinking I am going to tell you how crazy the driving is around here.  You would be correct if Rochelle was behind the wheel or if I had not been to Uganda already.  The driving here, while it is crazy, the driver’s wheel is still on the left side of the car, there were two police cars directing traffic for a funeral and we did make it through town with only having to pay one vendor who insisted on shining the vehicle as we waited in traffic.  All that aside, we did have one experience I have never had before out on the mission field. 

Streets of Port Au Prince
It was not uncommon at all to see taxis in Haiti with Christian messages on them.
Yes, those are oranges!!
More street market selling

I should have known better than to ride in the vehicle my sister was in, but that is where I ended up.  Clief (Papa Nahum’s son), Rochelle, Liz and I were in one vehicle while the rest of the team was in the van ahead of us.  Rochelle mentioned to Clief several times that she would be very surprised if we even made it to Papa’s house in the vehicle we were riding.  (Keep in mind this is the vehicle Rochelle drove and crashed into another car awhile back.)  So halfway up Goat Mountain Clief slows and Rochelle hollers out, what’s wrong.  Clief stops the car, gets out and begins to wiggle the gas pedal.  Honestly, it looked exactly like a child who does not want to relent their loose tooth to the tooth fairy!!  It just dangled there.  Clief proceeds to get two rocks and sets out to repair the broken gas pedal while Liz and Rochelle…well you will have to ask them what they decided to do. J  After less than five minutes Clief had the gas pedal fixed and we were back on the road again.

Clief saves the day!!

We arrived at Pastor Nahum’s house and were greeted by all his children, orphans, and friends.  Special reunions with some of the team members while new friends were made.  After unpacking the 16 checked bags and getting the bedrooms set up, we all sat down to a wonderful Haitian dinner of spaghetti, fried hot dogs, and bread.  We enjoyed our time around the table with a devotion led by Cindy and we are currently trying to get ready to call it a day.  Tomorrow I have been told we will wake to church already in progress and the white people are not expected to show up until the last hour.

Beautiful lake on the way up the mountain to Papa’s house

Praise to our Father for ALL bags arriving and for safe travel.  Continue to lift our team up as we enjoy the time tomorrow with fellow believers in worship and time with the orphans and family.

P.S.  The internet is really slow so I will post pictures later. 🙂

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