It is hard to believe that inside six months I am in a plane again not headed for Uganda, but to Haiti.  Yes that is correct.  Haiti.  I know I have not given any closer to our trip to Uganda in July as I desperately would like to have done before I was up in the air again.  But when I left Uganda I left a huge part of my heart waiting for my return and I guess subconsciously I am not ready to shut that door.  So why might you ask am I headed to Haiti?  While some may think I am an old hat at this mission thing, I want to set it straight that I  AM NOT!  It has taken every faith step for me to be on this plane.  God provided the funds as well as the willing attitude to go.  What and why I am here makes no earthly sense at all, but then following Christ never does.  So while I have the time to meditate and continue to seek His will before landing my first step of faith on Haitian soul, I ask you to join me in petitioning our heavenly Father over the next six days for the following praises and requests.Image


  • I made it to DFW and meet up with the rest of the team
  • My luggage was checked all the way to Port Au Prince
  • Sinus and stress headache gone



  • My luggage arrives at Port Au Prince
  • Safe travel for the duration of the flights as well as ground travel
  • Health for the team and myself
  • God’s children to feel His love
  • Video footage to be clear and work properly
  • Clear direction as I seek out possible evangelistic opportunities for our church next summer
  • Open eyes to all areas that will need to be addressed for a future trip
  • God would put my thoughts to paper as I prepare documents for Back to Life future trips
  • I would not be blind to sharing the gospel as I focus on logistics and planning
  • Open, receptive hearts to all those we come into contact
  • Scott and the children to have a wonderful week as they continue carrying out the work God has for them at home and at church

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