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While it hasn’t been easy to continue to write every day and get it posted in a timely manner, my heart is overflowing with God’s faithfulness in honoring my quest to seek after Him.  Daily He has opened my eyes to see just one more way of how His beloved Son, showed me how to die daily to many areas of my life so that I can truly live.  I have been overwhelmed by the plethora of truth that I am learning and struggle to write everything I have swimming around in my mind.  What has been written each day just scratches the surface to what really lies underneath.  I want to encourage you, while it might seem like it is taking forever, to continue to dive deeper into the truth that Jesus really did teach us how to die so that we might live.

turtle halfway

Here is what has been explored so far in the Dying to Live series.  For a complete list that is updated daily click here

Die 1: Dying to Our High Positions

Die 2: Dying to Our Low Positions

Die 3: Dying to New Roles

Die 4: Dying to Please Others (Guest Post from Living by Grace)

Die 5: Dying to Eat

Die 6: Dying to Doubting God

Die 7: Dying to Idol Worship

Die 8: Dying to Popularity

Die 9: Dying to Reputation

Die 10: Dying to Time

Die 11: Dying to Fame

Die 12: Dying to Perfection

Die 13: Dying to Distractions

Die 14: Dying to Sex (Guest Post from That None May Boast)

Die 15: Dying to Comfort

Day 16: Dying to Money

May we live today even as we die.

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