Soul to Soul Part 2

DSCN1173The Lord is beautiful and despite all the work He did on, in and through me on that Tuesday in Uganda, He still was not through demonstrating His power.  While He spoke Soul to Soul with me throughout the day it was only 3:00 p.m. and our team still had a crusade to do.

Kayla and Ann talking with some children before the crusade
Yummy lunch from our wonderful cook, Charles
Don preparing heart, soul and mind before the service
Karl preparing his heart, soul, and mind before the service
Men being touched by the service

As the 4:00 window began to approach the hut-to-hut team was pleasantly surprised to see the school team drive up and begin to unload.  They were only able to visit one school and then headed over to the crusade.  Not too long after their arrival the prison team van showed up.  To have our whole team together for the crusade was a first since I have been going to Uganda.  It was such a blessing to have our whole team together as we worked sided by side to bring the gospel message to the village.

Karl delivering the Lord’s testimony through him
Kayla obediently sharing from her heart

After much praise and worship, the seniors headed behind the church to teach the children as Karl went up on the wooden platform to give his testimony.  As he spoke you could sense the Holy Spirit moving on the hearts of people as they could relate to what he had gone through in his own life.  It did not stop there.  As Karl left the stage, Kayla walked up in faith, as she was to be the second testimony for the day.  Knowing some of her testimony, many of us began praying for her as she took each obedient step to the center.  Her mouth opened and the Holy Spirit began to speak.  She wavered only momentarily as we all watched God speak to the hearts of those in attendance, but also break chains off of Kayla.  It has been said we go over to Uganda to minister to people and in so doing we are ministered to.  If Karl and Kayla’s testimony were not enough for the day, God brought a message through Don that would wrap up the day with many trusting in God as their Lord and Savior.

Don’s joy in Christ
Worshipping together
Gathering around for the service to start
And all the people will hear God’s word…
Scott and Paul visiting about life and the Lord

The last blessing God allowed me to participate in was being able to watch God work through my husband on many occasions that afternoon as he spoke with young pastors.  It was also a joy to watch Marvin soaking up everything God was doing around him and through him that day.



“He answered, ‘Whether or not He’s a sinner, I don’t know. One thing I do know: I was blind, and now I see!'” John 9:25



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