Not My Testimony, But His

100_3859You must know that when you are in Uganda you never really know what you will be doing until the night before and sometimes even that morning.  Unlike the assignments for who will be teaching Sunday school, preaching, and leading our team devotions that are assigned before we leave the states, our typical routine to find out what we are doing each day is as follows.  We eat dinner together as a team, share what went on that day and then receive our assignments for the next day.  So on Sunday evening, having just worshiped with Pastor Morris and his congregation and visiting Lulwanda, our team found itself before our first evening of “anxiety” as Larry announced who would be doing what our first day in the field.  It was then I heard my name called out for going to schools.  Okay, take a deep breath.

Scott with the men of the school team
Pauline and I after a blessed day together at schools

You see I had been able to prepare to teach Sunday school that morning and God had even given me the devotion I would share the next morning.  What I didn’t have was a testimony to share at the schools, crusades, or at prisons.  This was scary to me.  The person who always likes to have what I am going to say written down first even if I don’t read it.  The person who does not like to be put on the spot.  So here I was about to go to schools the next morning without a testimony.  However, I awoke early Monday morning and spent some time in the word before heading down to breakfast.  The Lord led me to Psalm 15 where I read in verse 2

“The one who lives honestly practices righteousness, and acknowledges the truth in his heart.”

This verse pierced my heart.  What truth was I really acknowledging in my heart.  Was I only practicing Alicia’s self-righteousness?  Was I only practicing Alicia’s method of following Christ?  Was I only acknowledging the truth that Alicia could come up with a testimony that needed to be shared?  Honestly, I had to ask the Lord to search my heart for the truth that I believed.  Was I believing His truths or my own?  After a time of prayer and confession I asked the Lord to give me the truth of knowing He can give me the words to say when I need them without having them written down ahead of time.  Such peace came over me as I closed my bible and headed down to breakfast.

School team sharing about sex education. The Scripture Union allows the organization to come into the schools if they share life skills and the bible.

After breakfast it was my turn to lead the devotion.  It was such a great experience to speak the message God wanted shared that morning even though He had graciously given it to me back in June.  God is awesome in His timing and knows exactly what needs to be shared when.  In addition to the scripture I shared that morning, I also shared with the team what God had already taught me that morning.  God also reminded me as I was sharing from Colossians 3 and 4 that it was in 2010 God showed me just a small glimpse of His compassion and mercy for His children while I was at schools.  And here I was headed to schools on the first day of this trip.  Again, God’s timing is everything.

Scott sharing the gospel of grace to the Muslim students

Scott was my partner for schools on Monday and I was so thankful to be with him and share in the ministry God had for us on that day.  The location of the new church plant was about a 45-minute drive on dirt roads.  The travel was hard on the body and the first school we went to was close to the new church plant.  Our route that day took us by the most glorious set of rocks.  My initial thought as we passed by was “even the rocks will cry out.”  Here we were about to go Hut to Hut sharing the gospel with the people of Olumot Village and yet even before the gospel was proclaimed in this area, the rocks were already giving praise and glory to God.

After I shared about the rocks crying out, we all looked at our pictures. If you look closely you can see a cross on the left rock and the right rock almost looks like praying hands. God’s creation glorifies Him!!

The first school we went to was a primary school.  The children were so excited to see us and ran out of their classrooms before the teachers could get them back.  They ran out twice before it was time to come and listen.  God was so faithful in giving me the words He wanted me to share from my testimony for secondary schools.  However, as we traveled I found out the first school we would be at would be a primary school.  I quickly said another prayer and sought God’s words to share.  He was faithful and gave just the right ones.  It was an awesome experience to hear God’s words come forth from my mouth in a new way.  He reminded me that it is His testimony to begin with and even though I initially thought I did not have a “good” testimony, the testimony I have is the testimony of the work God has done in and through me.  Therefore, that is the BEST testimony I could share.  Scott did an awesome job as well sharing the message God had placed on his heart for the students.  We prayed for all the primary school students before leaving.  The first secondary school saw several pray to receive Christ and the second secondary school was prayed over as well.  It was a Muslim school where the gospel of grace was solidly shared from Scott’s mouth and penetrated many hearts.

This rock oversees the Muslim school. While many there are Christians, we left with the impression the headmaster is Muslim. Please continue to pray for the students and teachers there so the truth can set them free.

The first field day of ministry was complete and God had demonstrated to me in a mighty way the power of resting and depending upon Him for just the right words to say.  He was also beginning to open my eyes to the real work that He was going to continue to do within my own soul no matter how hard my sinful nature wanted to do it’s own thing.


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