The Secret is Out…

Finally.  I can finally share the video I have had for the past week of our trip to Uganda!!  Upon getting sick the day after we came home from our trip my plans to write, post “snaps”, and share with everyone every detail of our trip was drastically postponed.  However, God was gracious to me and in between runs to the bathroom, He allowed me to put together just a small sample of what it was like over in Uganda.  Scott and I wanted to allow our church family at Silver Springs Baptist Church the first preview of the video so I have kept it a secret until now.  However, it debuted this morning and it is now available for all to see and experience.

Three weeks ago today, I was standing in front of some of the most amazing women of Uganda with Mrs. Aidah Ogenga next to me.  God had already given me a prayer for these particular Ugandan women back in February and there I was proclaiming His promises to them.

100_3482 100_3483



Just looking at the pictures and remembering that day seems to surreal for me even now.  Even looking back at my prayer journal just the night before I read these words:



“It feels so weird to be back here after three years.  I am finding myself questioning why I am here while trying to combat Satan’s desire to thwart God’s plan.  I lead out in Sunday school tomorrow, but I need your help Lord.  Thank you for clarifying more what and how to say what I feel you want me to say.  I ask that you help me tomorrow to speak only your words and nothing more and nothing less.  Lord, I also pray you will help me know what to say in my testimonies wherever you have me to go.  I pray you will be glorified in it.  I love you Lord.”

God was good that day as many women were reminded of Christ’s redeeming power even after we have a relationship with Him.  The fact we still need Him to help redeem us from bitterness was huge that morning as women shared from their hearts burdens for their fellow sisters in Christ.   Little did I realize it was that moment that would begin a softening of my own heart to God’s truths like I have never experienced before.  As God leads, I will be sharing more in the weeks ahead as He began to reveal to me why I was in Uganda.

Following a wonderful time of sweet fellowship with our Ugandan sisters and brothers in Christ, our team headed out to Lulwanda children’s home where we would see our sweet Sarah for the first time in three years.  Again words and pictures can not fully grasp or explain the joy in our hearts as our eyes met again after so long.  The embrace is not soon forgotten nor the emotion of our hearts joined together once again.  Our team was allowed the afternoon to see all the children perform for us and time to visit.  We spent time with Sarah and her friends and of course ate jelly belly jelly beans.  Scott turned it into a math lesson and they were all trying their best to be the first one to get a math problem correct!  Time was too short that day and we had to leave not to return again until that following Saturday.  Goodbyes were hard that day, but the comfort of knowing we were coming back that week helped.

I walk out the girl’s hostel and there she is. It is like the force of two magnets when they get to close to one another. The pull is too strong and they attach to one another.


We did not tell here we were coming. She can not let go.



Such a sweet reunion



Scott tried hard to have them eat them one at a time to taste the different flavors. It didn’t work. 🙂



Sorting by color, not taste!



Children’s Program



Their thank you to us was such a wonderful performance



From the oldest to the youngest participated



Lot’s of fun play time to be had by all


























































Day one was completed.  Monday morning would begin our field ministry and once again the chains of my heart would begin to fall off every day we walked out of our room.


 “He brought them out of darkness and gloom and broke their chains apart.” Psalm 107:14


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