Love for a Puppy

August 25, 2012 was a grand day for the Zbylot’s.  Our children had never had a puppy before and we had spent almost 9 months praying, researching, and looking for just the right one.  We had narrowed it down to a miniature female dachshund.  Then as we were coming home from my niece’s third birthday party, we passed two roadside tents selling puppies.  As we passed the second one, I told Scott we should probably turn around and see what they have.  Right as I was telling Scott he said that he was thinking the same thing.  This might not seem out of the ordinary for some people, but we had NEVER stopped to look at puppies on the side of the road.  We turned around and was going to head to the farthest one first and work our way back when the first stand caught our eye with the sign Terriers, Dachshunds, and Chihuahuas. 

            As we piled out of the car, the children could not contain their excitement.  Mostly because they couldn’t believe we were actually stopping!!  We approached the cages and wouldn’t you know they had one dachshund…female and miniature.  She stole our hearts with her apricot coloring and hazel eyes.  The children were ecstatic as comments such as, “This is what we have been looking for!  She is perfect!  She’s so cute!” “We could name her Delilah.” and on and on.  The price was stated and Scott did not even try to negotiate after everything the children were saying.   But then again, the price was half of what we had been seeing on the Internet and other places so God was even answering our prayers regarding the price of the puppy. 

We can’t believe we finally have a puppy!

             Into the car with the new little member, the phone calls began.  Grandparents and cousins HAD to be notified as each of the children took their turn holding her.  Even the passengers in the front seat took their turn!  Arriving at the house, Delilah met her new older sister of almost 14 years, Ms. Maddy, our part American Eskimo/Spitz.  Having been an only dog for the duration of all of our children’s lives and never really caring for any dog that was around, Maddy did not take to kindly to this new, small, active ball of fun.  Playfully, Delilah tried everything she could to get Maddy to play, but failed time after time.  However, over the weeks ahead Delilah would slowly wear Maddy down to the point she could not help but give in just a little.

Delilah and Maddy after playing
After the first day, the name Delilah stuck.  We teased that she had tricked us into buying her with her good looks, but the reality was she truly was the cutest and sweetest puppy.  The kids adored her.  Picking up the responsibility of house training, the kids gave little argument over having to clean up after her, as it was part of the agreement in getting a puppy from the beginning.  Delilah loved people and wanted to be right in the middle of the action.  In fact after just three days of having her she was accidently stepped on and could not place any weight at all on her right shoulder.  After x-rays we thought for sure she had a broken or fractured shoulder.  Many prayers went up that night for little Delilah.  The next morning Scott and I woke to Nathan and Peter’s voice outside our window “Good girl, Delilah.”  As I peeked out the blinds, there she was running around chasing them.  God had answered our prayers again with this little dog.

Delilah with her first dove.

The weeks went by and Delilah followed the kids everywhere.  She spent alternating nights between the kids beds and took road trips with the family across Texas.  She saw Granny, the Bonham aunts, uncles, and cousins, the Weatherford family, and of course the Tomball family and friends.  She was the center of attention everywhere she went including the rest stops on the Texas roadways.  At home she spent her time searching and chasing after stuffed animals; her favorites being Peter’s monkey pillow pet, Dawson’s old rhino Webkinz, Peter’s red kindergarten graduation bear, and my feather duster.  On any given day she traipsed through the house at full spend to the back bedroom only to return again to the living room with her prize possession fill our hearts.  She was a smart little dog and when you hid one of her favorite toys it was not long before she found it and would go to any extent to get it back. 

Traveling around Texas
Enjoying the view
 Unconsciously, the Zbylot hearts were drawn into a love for this little puppy that would only be revealed through a tragic event on Sunday, October 7th.  Having just arrived home from Scott speaking at a men’s retreat that weekend, we walked into the house and were greeted by our children and of course Delilah.  Her uncontrollable desire to give you kisses on the face and the excitement she showed as you held her had been missed.  Later that afternoon at 4:30 the phone rang.  My mother-in-law’s alarmed voice spoke, “Delilah’s been hit by a car.”  The only thing I could say was “No!”  “Yes,” was her reply.  “No!” I said again.  “Yes, you need to come over here.”  I hung up and ran to the front yard where Scott, Hannah, Dawson, and Peter were playing basketball.  I shouted, “Delilah’s been hit by a car.  We need to go to your mom’s.”  I ran back through the house out the back door as the four of them headed around the front to the main street.  I met them in the front of my in-laws house as the driver and passenger were leaving.  Nathan and my father-in-law were in the front.  The tears came.   We were all in such shock as just 6 weeks and one day after she joined our family she was gone.    

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