Sweetness of Friendships and God’s Faithfulness

Picking up where I left off with my last post (Where in the World is the Zbylot Family?), the children came home from a great week with their cousins and studying God’s word.  We shared the weekend together as a family and worshipped for the first time with Silver Springs Baptist Church as Scott preached his first sermon as the pastor.  Overwhelmed with the joy and love from the congregation, God continued to confirm the place He wanted our family to be serving. 
With the undeniable knowledge of recognizing God’s plan for our family our children were still unsure about how changing churches was going to affect them.  Leaving behind friends at a church they mostly grew up in and had built relationships was weighing heavy on their hearts.  Scott and I, watching their concern and anxiousness, began praying for them as far back as March.  The first thing we recognized could aid in this transition was to attend Silver Springs Baptist’s Vacation Bible School.  The week after Scott preached to come in view of a call we attended to allow the children to meet some future friends their age while giving us a glimpse into the church life at Silver Springs.  This act helped the children but it still seemed they were struggling.
In June as God revealed more and more the direction He was taking us, we asked permission for our children (all but Peter because he was too young) to register to attend camp with Silver Springs.  Attending camp is a huge relationship building experience for all ages.  Deep down Scott and I knew this would be a great way for the children to make new friends and begin the process of relationship building at the new church.  This would prove to be a huge faith building experience for them as well as for us.  
As Wednesday, the day of departure approached, Hannah, Dawson, and Nathan were expressing anxiousness about going while I became more and more anxious about letting my children go to a camp I knew very little about and did not even know the sponsors who would be in charge of my children while there.  (No offense to the wonderful team who took them, it was just so knew to me and just meeting the sponsors two sometimes three times is not at all my protocol for releasing my children into strangers hands.)  So as it got closer and closer my prayer partners lifted me up while our family prayed together and prepared for KidsLifeCamp. 
Of course, knowing our sin nature, Satan began to attack before the children even left.  I always like to have things in order, etc., but as we unloaded their stuff from the car onto the van, Nathan realized he did not have his pillow.  A quick trip to Wal-mart produced a travel pillow for him.  I felt like I did not even get to have a proper send off. 
Later that afternoon I received a phone call from my husband while I was in a meeting asking if Dawson left his luggage in the car?  What?!?  I felt helpless.  I excused myself and doubled checked the car, knowing full well it was not there because we had taken everything out.  Sure enough it was not there which left me even more helpless because I knew my son was miles away without any clothing or bedding, etc. and his mother was not even there to help search for where it had been misplaced.  I returned to my meeting while Scott assured me he would let me know when they found it.  I sent off some text messages to a few of the sponsors I had their information for and began praying for Dawson to remain calmer than I was at that time and for them to be able to find his luggage.  Of course I don’t’ remember what I was suppose to be learning at my meeting for the next 20 minutes as my mind was obviously not focusing on what I was suppose to be focusing on.  However, I finally received a text that set my heart at ease…Luggage Found.  What a relief. 
The Lord graciously allowed us the opportunity to visit the on Friday.  All my fears and anxiety left as we saw our children and walked around the camp.  Seeing and hearing that Dawson had found a friend and had been fishing during every chance of free time they had, Nathan running around with a huge smile on his face and laughter in his voice, and Hannah taking off and not even “needing” me only allowed for one response.  Thank you Lord and forgive my disbelief.   
Yes, this is why God provided the extra funds to send three children to an extra camp this summer.  Yes, this is why God allowed us the courage for all of us to step out of our comfort zones.  Yes, this is why we have to walk by faith and not by sight.  Hannah, Dawson, and Nathan each had begun to build relationships with the children at camp while listening and studying the Word of God. Watching our children trust God for the courage to leave for four days with children and adults they barely knew and seeing how God protected and gave them the courage to walk by faith was a lesson I would not have voluntarily provided for them.  However, God knows the steps of faith they need and gave Hannah, Dawson, and Nathan the opportunity to see His character in a new light. 
After an amazing week at KidsLifeCamp and witnessing huge answers to prayers for our children we rested one week at home before finishing off the month with one last week of camp where God was not through demonstrating and showing off His awesome love and power!! 
My Heart’s Prayer:  Lord, how can I thank You enough for the love and tender care You have for my family and me?  How can I put into words the utter amazement I feel when I see You work in the lives of my children?  You are worthy to be praised.  Thank You for hiding Your children under the shadow of Your wings and training them and taking care of them in a way that only You can do.  Thank You for being faithful to them even through my doubt.  I love You Lord.  In Jesus Name, Amen.
“Oil and incense bring joy to the heart, 
and the sweetness of a friend is better than self-counsel.”  
Proverbs 27:9

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