Concept of Majesty results in Authority Issues

While holding a garage sale today and tomorrow, I am taking advantage of the inevitable slow times by picking up my reading in the book God: Discover His Character by Bill Bright.  Read through the chapter on God’s sovereignty and just had to share this insight…
“If we took away the royal trappings from any human sovereign, he would look just like one of us.  His honor is derived from ceremonies and the homage paid him by other people, which can be removed in a moment…
God’s reign is different.   God does not derive His right to rule from anyone or anything.  No title was bestowed on Him by another, and there is no higher authority anywhere than His.  The great I AM always does what He knows is best and answers to no one.  His reign is so magnificent that we cannot even comprehend any part of it…
Part of our problem with accepting God’s authority and honoring Him is that we have lost our concept of majesty.  With little sense of the majesty of God, we have trouble submitting to His sovereignty and worshiping Him.  For most Christians, true worship is not something they practice very often or well.  A. W. Tozer explains our dilemma:
The modern Christian has lost a sense of worship along with the concept of majesty [of God], and of course, reverence as well.  He has lost his ability to withdraw inwardly and commune in the secret place with God in the shrine of his own hidden spirit.  It is this that makes Christianity, and we have all but lost it.  Added numbers, yes, but lost fear.  Multiplied schools, yes, but lost awareness of the invisible.  Tons of literature being poured out, of course, but no consciousness of the divine Presence.  Better communication, certainly, but nothing to communicate.  Evangelistic organizations, yes, but the concept of majesty and worship and reverence has almost left us.
Understanding God’s sovereignty causes us to focus on Him, not ourselves.  Our response is to fall at His feet and give Him everything we are and own.  If the royalty of England kneel before Queen Elizabeth II and pledge to submit to her reign, how much more important is it for us to kneel before God’s throne and surrender ourselves to him?
I urge you to recognize God’s sovereignty right now by humbling yourself before Him.  Totally and irrevocably submit to His lordship of your life.  Worship Him by giving Him everything you own.  Think of your life as a house with many rooms.  Go through each “room” and surrender both the room and the contents to Him.  If you have a closet full of fears, let Him control that part of your life.  Invite Him into the room where you hide your insecurities and hurts.  Let Him take down that monument of pride to your own abilities and talents that you have displayed in your living room.  Ask Him to control your checkbook and bank account.  Everything you “lose” by serving Him He will replace with something so much better.  He controls the universe; He will without doubt enrich your life with joy, peace, happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction, and rewards far beyond your wildest imagination!” (Bright,104, 110-11)
My Heart’s Prayer: Lord, help me to reverence You more.  Help me to surrender each and every are of my life.  May nothing go hidden from You and the work you desire to do in me.  For Your Glory Lord, In Jesus Name, Amen.

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