Passion Week in the Gospel of John and The Last Supper

Today we enter into John’s account of the last days of Jesus on earth.   John’s account does not have any events that correspond with the other gospels and is quite short.  However, John spends much more time on the details regarding Jesus’ last hours with His disciples.  May we take a few minutes this morning to examine the words from John’s gospel in relation to the week leading up to Jesus’ Last Supper.

I know I didn’t comment on any verses yesterday and it was really hard not too!!  But this morning as I read the account in John, it brought me right back to Luke’s account.  What struck me yesterday was the amount of deliberate wisdom Jesus used when interacting with the people and the scribes.

When Jesus was being questioned by the spies, Jesus’ response is as follows: “But detecting their craftiness, He said to them…” (Luke 20:23).  Jesus was on His game and could recognize what they were trying to do.  As mother’s we can usually tell what our children are up to by the smirk or deviousness shown on their faces.  We should be able to recognize the craftiness of Satan in our lives as well.
Because of Jesus’ wisdom and discernment in how He responded on more than one occasion, the result was silence: “…and being amazed at His answer, they became silent…and they no longer dared to ask Him anything” (Luke 20:26, 40).
Thinking about these things and then reading today’s account, it all made sense.  Jesus Himself tells the people how He is able to speak in such a wise and discerning way:
“I have not spoken on My own, but the Father Himself who sent Me has given Me a command as to what I should say and what I should speak.  I know that His command is eternal life.  So the things that I speak, I speak just as the Father has told Me” (John 12:49-50).
Did you hear that?  Jesus spoke as God told Him.  Do I speak as God tells me?  Not all the time, but I can take comfort in the last words that stirred me in my reading of Luke yesterday, “for I will give you such words and a wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist or contradict” (Luke 21:15).
Wow!!  God will give me the words to say when those around me are trying to trick me, when those around me are discrediting the validity of my belief in God, and when I am sharing the gospel message with those who are willing to hear!
Today we must not only take time to read John’s account of Passion Week, but we must also turn our hearts towards Jesus’ Last Supper.  This Last Supper was performed in the usual Jewish tradition, but made complete as Jesus taught the disciples the full meaning of the ceremony.  While many of us will continue on with our daily activities today, those who choose to reflect back over 2000 years ago to Jesus’ last night on earth as the Son of God in the flesh, will find new meaning into the sacrifice Jesus paid in order for us to live with Him forever.  The events leading up to Good Friday should not be taken lightly as we prepare our hearts for the resurrection of our Lord.  Beginning with Jesus’ last Passover and moving into the late hours of the night, we see Jesus’ heart of love for the world He came to save.  Join me as we enter into the life of Jesus His last hours.  Take comfort in the words He leaves with His disciples, for they too are the words He has left for us as we prepare for the silence that will follow the next two days.
My Heart’s Prayer:  Thank you Lord Jesus for your presence.  Fill my mouth with your words.  Prepare my heart today as I reflect on the agony you must have felt in your last hours here.  The compassion you had for the world that was lost and unwilling to accept you.  Forgive me for putting You through that agony and torture.  Be glorified through me today and help me to stay awake and pray continually for those around me.  In Jesus name, Amen.

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