Is God on Vibrate? Part 1

Flashback to your teenage years.  Remember when you were in the car with several of your friends.  The driver pulled up to a red light and then someone out of nowhere yells out “Chinese fire drill!!”  Doors fly open.  Everyone leaps out of the car and begins to race around it, making a complete circle before diving back into the vehicle all before the light turns green.  What an adrenaline rush!!  Okay.  I admit, I remember actually getting out of the vehicle I was in MAYBE two or three times.  One, I was usually the driver and two, I was such a play by the rules, scaredy cat who was always thinking of what could go wrong and how much trouble I would have to pay once I was caught.  Yes, I was the one who when we snuck out to wrap houses stayed in the car until I felt sure no one was going to come out of the house and holler at us and more importantly double and triple checked to confirm there were no cops driving by to arrest us!

Well this past Saturday morning found me running down a vehicle at a red light, not because I was participating in a Chinese fire drill, but because someone had their phone on vibrate!  We had woken up early and the whole family headed out the door to participate in the Awana Games.  I had packed us a great lunch the night before in order to save us money by not having to buy lunch at the event.  As we hurriedly gathered everything we needed for the day, I asked one of the kids to put the lunch in the car.  They obeyed and we were on our way.  After arriving at the church, loaded 15 children and 5 adults into a people mover and three vehicles we were on the road.  Then it happened…
You know—that moment when you finally get a chance to sit and think through everything you need to bring and have with you in order to have a successful vacation, trip, or a day event.  I sat there mulling over everything we were to be doing for the day and what we would need.  Then it slapped me—Our Lunch!!!  It was still in the back of the car at the church and here we were about 1 mile away headed to The Woodlands!  Okay, stay calm.  I immediately pulled out my phone to call Scott who was riding in the vehicle ahead of us.
No answer
Try again. 
No answer. 
Try again. 
No answer. 
Frantically, as we drove further and further away from the church I remembered, Scott has his phone on vibrate from work and has not turned it up for the weekend.  He misses many calls because of this, but he can’t miss my call!  I need him to stop and they are bookin’ it to the sports complex ahead of us.  Wait, I could ride back with someone in one of the vehicles behinds us.  No, I don’t have the keys to the car.  Scott has the keys! 
Okay, try again.  (Surely he can’t miss 11 vibrations from his phone.)
No answer.
We spot a red light up ahead.  When we get there we will honk at them and tell them to pull over.  The light turns green before we can get behind them. 
Try again. 
No answer. 
Okay, I call the wife of the driver because I don’t have the driver’s phone number.  She answers and I ask her to call her husband and ask him to pull over.  She agrees.  Okay, maybe now we can get some results.  She calls me back and tells me she can’t get her husband to answer!!  
Try Scott again. 
No answer.
Resolving in my mind we are just going to have to purchase our lunch at the event while our free lunch is in the back of our vehicle, the bus driver and I spot them parked at a red light just ahead of us.  Yes!  We too are coming up right behind them to stop.  Now about 15 miles away from the church, I leap out of my seat as she opens the door and I begin a fast paced jog to the vehicle in front of us, passing someone on a motorcycle before I get there.  (I can’t even imagine what he was thinking as I passed him.)  The light turns green and my husband who is in the passenger seat as well as the driver haven’t even seen me yet!  I begin to pound on the passenger window…
Finally success!! 
They pull over as I quickly walk to the nearest sidewalk.  Our caravan pulls up and over to the side as they anxiously wait to find out why the sudden stop and why I am running down vehicles!  I quickly tell Scott what I did and why I need the keys.  He hands them over and I get in another vehicle that is willing to take me back to the church to get our lunch. 
For some it might appear I went to way greater lengths than I needed to and I should have just forked over the $30+ dollars needed to buy our lunch for the day.  But, for others, you know exactly where I am coming from.  Budgets are tight and I can feed our family of 6 a lot of meals off of $30 dollars.  More importantly though I learned a huge lesson that day in how we often relate to our great God and Father who has awesome things packed for us.
Our Father desires to give us great gifts all the time and not just the material blessings, but more importantly the spiritual blessings of knowing Him and His power.  He continues to call us to let us know what He has for us.  However, our phone is on vibrate.  We are so busy with the activities and day to day things we are completing, we don’t hear when our phone goes off and we miss God’s call.  Ashamedly, we only turn the ringer on when we are in church on Sundays or Wednesday nights.  Sometimes, the ringer doesn’t even get moved from vibrate to ringer because we forget and then we miss God’s voice even when we are “suppose” to hear from God.    Some have even resorted to putting God on silent.  Your heart and attitude has become so calloused with sin  you have no desire to even hear when God is calling.  Still some have never even experienced God’s voice in the first place.  You have refused to turn your phone on to receive the first, greatest and most important message of all.  God loves you and wants to give you the best gift—His Son Jesus Christ.  This is clearly stated in John 3:16:
“For God loved the world in this way: He gave His One and Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.”
 The book of Romans tells us how we should answer God’s call and receive the gift of His Son…
“If you confess with your mouth `Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heat that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.  One believes with the heart, resulting in righteousness and one confesses with the mouth, resulting in salvation.  Now the Scripture says, Everyone who believes on Him will not be put to shame, for there is no distinction between Jew and Greek, since the same Lord of all is rich to all who call on Him.  For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved” (Romans 10:9-13)
Don’t wait any longer to turn your phone on.  Check your message from God and answer His call with a yes.  Once you have answered His call, leave the ringer on and continue to ask God to enable you to answer all future calls from Him.  Don’t put Him on silent or vibrate.  Listen and anticipate His calls in your life.  Don’t be afraid to push the talk button and say…
Yes Lord.
My Heart’s Prayer:  Gracious Lord and Savior forgive me for the multitude of times I taken my phone, placed it on vibrate and ignored or missed Your desire to speak to me.  Please give me the willingness to keep the line of communication between us open.  Speak to me and help me to carry out the blessings you give to me as I hear your voice.  In Jesus Name, Amen. 

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