Z Bits of the Week

February 17
Vol. 3

We have a special edition this week as the Zbylot household has been in a whirlwind of activity.  Since our last post, we were given an amazing free, flat screen television (a whole other God story), celebrated Scott’s dad’s 65th birthday, church and school and all the activities surrounding those, as well as fighting off illness.  Below you will find our children’s hearts as they reflect on what has happened this past week as well as what I, their mother, have learned as a result of this blog.  Enjoy!


Hostess Thoughts: It has been interesting to watch each of the children as they prepare for their next week’s blog.  This week, Peter sat on my lap and told me exactly what he wanted me to type.  When I was hesitant to type it, he insisted until he saw the words on the screen.  When I went to suggest something different or erase something, he about came unglued.  He was not going to let me put anything else than what he wanted said.  Enjoy Peter’s Playground today…

Peter’s Playground

We got a new flat screen television.  It’s like we are the flat screen television and God is the person watching us.  He is watching what we are doing bad and what we are doing good. 
We had a silly string fight at Awanas.  The fight was like the silly string was the gun and all the kids were shooting the devil. 
That’s all folks.
Pete’s Playground Rule of the Week: Always do what your parents tell you to do even if you don’t want to do it.  Always don’t huff and puff if you don’t want to do it and tell that to your kids. 
Hostess Thoughts: Watching Nathan process what he wants to say has also been amazing.  When I asked him what he wanted to put in his blog this week, he stopped and pondered a moment and then said nothing really.  Then he said, I wrote about Kidz Kamp last week didn’t I?  I told him yes, then he began….

Nathan’s Nighthawk

Did you ask your mom to go to Kidz Kamp?  Because it is really fun.  My brother and I are going in a couple of months.  Do you know what snapping turtles do?  We wrote a paragraph about them in writing class.  They have an egg tooth that helps them get out of their shell when they are born.  Did you know that?  And they have to hunt to survive which is the most important thing for them because if they don’t hunt they don’t eat.  One of the techniques they use is hiding under the ground.  When a fish comes by they come out of the ground and eat it.  I can send you a picture of it, maybe.  This reminds of a little innocent fish and the devil is waiting to pounce on it which reminds me of the I am Sin video I posted two weeks ago. 
Have you completed some of the night flying techniques?  Here is this week’s…
Night Flying Technique: Tell somebody about God that lives right next door to you and who you don’t really know very well. 

Hostess Thoughts: Hannah has not been feeling well at all the last few days. However, as I was writing up the boy’s blogs she jumped in and said she was ready with hers.  She sat next to me, tired and in pain from her ear and shared the following…

Hannah’s Hideout

Come on in to Hannah’s hideout and join me in scriptures, applications, fun and interesting facts, and daily challenges for us all. 
Wednesday morning I got an ear ache and it hurt like the dickens.  While I was lying in my bed and trying to figure out how to make it stop hurting, a thought came to me.  Maybe God let the devil hurt my ear to test my faith.  The scripture I was reminded of is Job 2:3-10.  It made me wonder if God was really testing my faith.  I have been feeling a little bit better now and even though my ear still hurts a little I am trying my best to not be sinful against the Lord.
Scriptures: Job 2:3-10
“The LORD asked Satan, “`Where have you come from?’ 
`From roaming through the earth,’ Satan answered Him, `and walking around on it.’ 
Then the LORD said to Satan, `Have you considered My servant Job? No one else on earth is like him, a man of perfect integrity, who fears God and turns away from evil. He still retains his integrity, even though you incited Me against him, to destroy him without just cause.’ 
`Skin for skin!’ Satan answered the LORD. `A man will give up everything he owns in exchange for his life. But stretch out Your hand and strike his flesh and bones, and he will surely curse You to Your face.’ 
`Very well,’ the LORD told Satan, `he is in your power; only spare his life.’ 
So Satan left the LORD’s presence and infected Job with terrible boils from the sole of his foot to the top of his head. 
Then Job took a piece of broken pottery to scrape himself while he sat among the ashes.  His wife said to him, `Do you still retain your integrity? Curse God and die!’ 
`You speak as a foolish woman speaks,’ he told her. `Should we accept only good from God and not adversity?’ 
Throughout all this Job did not sin in what he said.
Applications: If you are in pain, read the whole book of Job and do your best not to sin against God.
Fun and Interesting Fact: Did you know that even though Job was in so much pain he did not sin or curse against God?
Weekly Challenge for you: Try your best not to sin against God even when you are in pain.
Hostess Thoughts:  There is not a Dawson’s Dugout this week.  When we first began Z Bits it was out of the kids desire to write their own blog.  As the hostess, I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing the hearts of my children and seeing their excitement as they share with the world what God is doing in their lives.  However, Dawson did not want to write this week.  I felt very disappointed.  As his mother, I know he has a lot inside of him that he doesn’t share very often so it has been a blessing to see what is on his heart when he writes his blog.  After going back and forth with Dawson and trying to get him to write about ANYTHING, I surrendered to what the Lord was laying on my heart.  God took me back to Philippians 2:12-13
“So then, my dear friends, just as you have always obeyed, not only in my presence, but now even more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.  For it is God who is working in you, enabling you both to desire and to work out His good purpose.”
Paul is writing to his friends in Philippi and encouraging them to continue their relationship with God.  Not because Paul is there in their presence physically modeling what a relationship looks like or telling them everyday what they should be doing, but because each of the Philippians have their own personal relationship with God and it is their own responsibility to work out their own salvation.  They are not to work out Paul’s salvation, but their own. 
Wow!  It hit me.  I am not to work out my children’s salvation.  Their personal relationship with God is their own.  It is not mine.  I have little control over the growth of my children’s personal relationship with God. Yes, I can and should model for them what a daily, personal relationship with God looks like.  I can and should provide opportunities for them to act out their relationship with God, but in the end, it is God who is working in them.  God gives them the desire and the ability to carry out His purposes.  I cannot give my children a desire or even the power to carry out God’s purposes.  So while I wish I could just write Dawson’s Dugout for you today, I have surrendered to the work that God is doing in Dawson’s heart and will continue to encourage him to seek God for help in carrying out the purposes God has for him whether it be to write a blog or not.
My Heart’s Prayer: Lord, I cannot instill in my children a desire to workout their own salvation, You must give them first the desire and hunger and then enable them to carry out Your purpose for them.  Lord, I beg you to place that desire in them as well as myself and give us the ability to carry out whatever that desire is. 

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