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February 3, 2012

I have a special treat today as I have four very special guest bloggers for you. Straight from Tomball, TX please welcome Peter, Nathan, Dawson, and Hannah. After hearing some of their mother’s blogs over the last several weeks, they begged and asked her for their own blog. As she thought about how this might work, last week she announced to them that they would be allowed the opportunity every Friday to be her guest blogger for the day. Please enjoy their words of wisdom as they share with you what has been on their hearts this past week.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog by my guests have been recorded in their own words with little or no editing.

Peter’s Playground

This is Peter signing in. Welcome to Peter’s Playground. I like to play with my friends and my favorite food is hot dogs.

One time when we were doing worship at night my dad told me to look up a verse in my bible. It was Proverbs 15:16: “It is better to have respect for the LORD and have little than to be rich and have trouble.” This was the first verse that I ever read in worship time.

There is another verse that I randomly picked (Yes, he did say this word. His vocabulary cracks me up at times!) in Proverbs. It is Proverbs 15:29. It says: “The LORD is far away from those who do wrong. But he hears the prayers of those who do right.” And one night I read those two verses to my dad. And that’s the story of Peter’s Playground.

Pete’s Playground Rule of the Week: When you are at the playground beware of strangers because they can kidnap you and be sure to honor your father and mother while you are there.

This is Peter signing out.

Nathan’s Nighthawk

Hi there, this is Nathan and here is my story. I hope you like it.

I wanted to share with you what was special for me this week. We had the Lord’s Supper together as a family for the first time during our worship time. My dad showed us a video called “I am sin” and then asked us to pray silently and ask God to forgive us from all of our sins. I closed my eyes and God brought back some sins in my life that I have done. So I asked for forgiveness. I would like to share this video with you because you are my friend and I hope that you will accept Christ if you haven’t.


Night Flying Technique: Try this…if you haven’t already, accept Christ into your heart as I did that one night and if you are not already doing so, go to church. If you have a garden work on pulling those weeds out like you are pulling the devil out of your heart and plant the plants like planting God in your heart.

This is Nathan reporting out.

Dawson’s Dugout
Hi, this is Dawson, my mother’s oldest son who enjoys playing all kinds of sports.

One of the more funny things that happened in my life this week was watching one of my opponents in gym class try to kick a soccer ball back at me. But I kicked it so hard and fast that when he went to return it, he completely missed and almost fell flat on the ground. It was so funny watching someone kick air.

My verse of the week has been 2 Timothy 2:15:

“Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

I have been memorizing this in the King James Version to prepare for the Awana Bible Quiz in March. This verse has had a big impact on my week as I have tried to work harder so that I do not have anything to be ashamed of in my life.

From the Dugout: This week try playing soccer kickball with your friends and enjoy some down to earth laughter. On the spiritual side, try to work as hard as you can to be nicer to your siblings if you have them and do your best in school.

Hannah’s Hideout

Come on in to Hannah’s hideout and join me in scriptures, applications, fun and interesting facts, and daily challenges for us all.

I wanted to share with you from my Awana book 1 Peter 3:15b: “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.” The reason I wanted to share this verse with you is because we all need to be prepared to tell others about Christ even when we don’t want to. One way I have learned how to do that is by trying my best to become friends with those I meet each and every day.

You see we have these kids behind our house and they come over every day and ask if we can play. But sometimes we don’t want to play. We just want to play on the computer or the Wii or just watch a movie and sometimes we don’t want to play with them because we want to play with our other friends. Lately I’ve been feeling differently and have asked myself, “How would I like it if I were them?” This thought went over and over in my mind and I just couldn’t figure it out. Then it hit me…Proverbs 3:28 ““Don’t say to your neighbor ‘Go away! Come back later.” Then I knew what I had to do.

This past week, I’ve been trying to be the best friend I could. I even asked one of them to Awanas because we only have one extra seat in our car. But her mom said she couldn’t make it because their grandma was over and they don’t know my parents. So we went to Awanas and that night I thought, “I need to act more Christ-like towards them and demonstrate how much God loves them and tell them about Christ.” So Tuesday after school we went to see if our other friends that were across the street could play. Then those other kids came over and we all played hide and seek. When we had to go in I stopped and asked if they knew Christ. I also told them I was sorry if I made them feel unwelcome and that I would try to do better in making them feel more welcome, not by my words but by my actions. It turns out some of them had already accepted Christ into their hearts. And so it went. We may have played with each other and talked with each other several times now, but every since that night, I have felt ten times better.

Applications: Don’t hesitate to be a good friend.
Fun and Interesting Fact: Did you know that in a 31 day month, you can read one chapter from Proverbs each day?
Weekly Challenge for you: Shine a light to those who are in darkness.

Hostess Closing Remarks:
I had such a fun time watching, listening, and observing as the kids put together their blogs. As I typed for Peter he stood next to me with a smirk on his face. He was so excited to be doing this, but I could also see he felt a little embarrassed. But last night as he went to bed he said he has something else to add to his blog. I told him he would have to write things down as he thought of them and then he could share next week. His reply was, “Can you buy us a notebook so we can write in it?” Dawson was very matter of fact in his blog. He knew exactly what he wanted to say. Short and to the point and no fluff! Nathan did not want to do it at first. However, once I started typing for him, he took over. He even asked me three times to read to him what he wrote as he held a pretend microphone to his mouth. Hannah stood next to me as I went to type what was on her mind and nothing would come. So I asked her if she wanted to go to her room and write down her thoughts and then bring them to me. Well, you read what was on her heart and I guess Scott and I need to make sure we go and meet our neighbors if our children are going to continue to share with their friends. I hope you have enjoyed the message as well as seen each of their unique personalities expressed today. In the words of Hannah’s prayer last night, “May our blog brainstorms touch people and help them to have some ideas too.”

Thank you Lord!

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