I Like to be Me

Like all students this week, we at the Zbylot household began the second semester of the school year. Yes, it was hard to get back on schedule, but we have made it to Friday and hope to finish off the week strong. On Tuesday night I told my daughter she was to begin her Literature work for the week the next day. I told her to begin with week 18 and we would discuss it. Wednesday morning came and as I was working with her brothers she brought me a poem she had written. She was so excited and wanted me to read it. I must say that I was mighty impressed. Later that evening before bed, Hannah remembered she had written a poem and really wanted her dad to read it. He did and we both agreed that the content of her poem was something that characterized our daughter and we were both blessed to read how she felt about herself. Her poem reminded us that we are all God’s children. We sometimes think that only teenagers struggle with their self worth and identity, but adults need to remember who they are in Christ just as much as children do. We are all God’s children, created by Him and for Him. This truth transforms our lives. Romans 8:16 states: “The Spirit Himself testifies together with our spirit that we are God’s children.”

Knowing that she is about to enter the time of life where most 12-16 year olds will struggle with their identity and self-worth, I am asking you to read Hannah’s poem and if you have a minute to leave a comment for her. I plan to take all of the comments and type them underneath her poem on a piece of paper. I am going to print it off for her to have a hard copy. I know that this will encourage and bless her in her life right now, but I also know that in the next several years when she does not feel like she wants to be herself, and mom and dad’s words are important, yet seem to not be believable (like the mother’s words to her daughter in the movie Soul Surfer when she tells her daughter the right boy will like her even without an arm) I can pull out her poem and the comments of all her friends and family who think she is wonderful being just the person God has made her to be will remind her of how truly special she is.

My Heart’s Prayer: Lord thank you so much for the precious gift of our daughter. I pray that you will help Hannah to never forget that you have made her and the mark of her heart does show the way she should live because she has hidden your word in her heart. Continue to speak to her heart as you reveal more and more about Yourself to her. May her life influence others to come into a relationship with you because they can see your love for them through her life. Thank you Jesus for Hannah’s sweet spirit and a heart that loves you! In Jesus Name, Amen.

I Like To Be Me

By: Hannah Zbylot

I like to be me

I’m as busy as a bee

My feet say “Hi” then I say “Bye”

My eyes are nice,

Just like mice

My legs are like pegs

But their just the same

My hands are buff

So strong and tuff

My heart is the mark of the way I should live

God made me and He made you

It doesn’t matter if you’re different or not

Everyone’s from the same creator because

God made you and God made me

God made the sea and

God made the trees

God made the mice and

God made the dice

for the game of life.

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  1. Hannah, I love your poem!! You are a beautiful child of God. You are a blessing to all who know you and I can't wait to see what God has in store for you as you grow closer and closer to His heart! We love you!!

  2. Awesome poem Hannah! You are truly a sweet child of God, and as Rochelle said everyone who knows you is blessed because of it. You, your brothers, and your parents are a light in the world; one God uses to show His grace and love. Looking forward to watching your grow even more.

  3. Cute poem, Hannah. A wise missionary (Uncle Buddy) said: Know who you are, Be who you are, Love who you are.
    You have got mad skills in leadership, compassion, kindness, and service. Since I don’t know you really well, I realize this just scratches the surface of who you are.

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