Basketball. It has been a part of my life since junior high school. I love it. It is fun, exciting, and at times a tiresome game. Now my children are playing Upwards basketball for the first time and we are halfway through the season. I never could have imagined the emotions and responses that come out of my mouth when watching them play. It is so exhilarating.

Nathan picked up on the game as a natural and has had a great time. Hannah, too, has enjoyed the game and is learning how to guard based on the Heisman pose. (She as well as the boys like to teddy bear hug their opponent when guarding them. In order to make sure they guard correctly I often holler to make them look at me and see me holding one hand closer to my stomach imitating where their hand should be on their opponents back and the other extended as if dancing with a partner. Today, I hollered at Hannah and she stopped mid-court and struck her pose!!) Anyway, I digress.

Dawson has been a little more reserved about the game. He was an “all-star” Upwards football quarter back and was a little intimidated about playing a game he didn’t know anything about. However, after his first practice he was into the game. We have been practicing for the last four weeks on fast break shots since even though he is the shortest on his team, he is the fastest. Today, the practice and coaching came to fruition.

The first time Dawson went down court and was passed the ball and was totally open to take the shot, he passed it off. My heart sank because I know he can do it. But then it came. The next trip down the court on a fast break, Dawson’s teammate passed him the ball again and he took the ball and scored!!! I’ve never hollered so loud or been so proud as I was in that moment. He had worked his heart out all week and when he finally took the courage to implement what he had been practicing all week, the joy and delight that overflowed in my heart was incomparable as I watched the basketball go through the net!

As I finally sat down, stopped hollering and clapping the Lord whispered in my ear, “How much more so I delight and rejoice over you when you take the courage to put into practice the lessons I am teaching you.” Isn’t that just like God? I am His child and He is coaching me. What a delight and a joy He must receive as I finally trust that what He has been training me to do will in fact bring glory and honor to Him!!

“Commit your way to the Lord, Trust also in Him, and He will do it…The steps of man are established by the LORD, And He delights in his way.” Psalm 37:5, 23

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